Building Relationships

Why do people recommend you?

People recommend you because they like you and trust you – the 2 fundementals of any reationships. People like you when you build rapport with them. You find things in common and they perceive you as a ‘nice’ person.They see you as friendly, as a giver, as someone whose comapany they are happy to be in. Being an epathetic lister can take you a long way in the building of …Read More

Efficient networking

Making the best of networking events Advertising is floodlight marketing, networking is spotlight marketing and the most effective way to grow a business. 1. Turn up as often as possible. People have short memories, if you’re not there referral business will be offered elsewhere 2. Get there early and aim to leave space at the end. That’s where the real business is done, in the informal sessions. 3. Have a …Read More

The right and wrong approaches to networking

Too many people go to business events thinking only ‘What’s in it for me?’ or ‘How can I get these people to buy my services or products?’ Or ‘I must sell something here otherwise it will be a total waste of time’. Networking is not about; W.I.I.F.M. – “What’s in it for me?” but much more about W.I.I.F.Y – “What’s in it for you?” look back at this second acronym …Read More

Why are people so rude?

We all uderstand how to behave in a social environment. Everyone is courteous, polite and friendly, well almost everyone. But in business situations these same people don’t always act i the same way. Why that is I do not know. Many people find attending business events somewhat of a challenge; a key reason is because they anticipate meetig people who they think will be unpleasant, downright rude sometimes and the …Read More

How can you be more successful?

In the many years I have been in business I believe these are the traits you need 1 Self-belief. Believe you’re a good person who has something valuable to offer 2 Having an abundant, giving mentality. Give without remembering, receive without forgetting. 3 Be proactive. Don’t wait, take charge, make the first move. 4 Build a reputation for being a reliable person. Do what you say you’re going to do. …Read More

People love talking about themselves

When I train and advise people on networking skills i say, “let the other person do most of the talking. be a good listener, encourage others to talk about themselves.” In fact you generally don’t have to encourage becuase people love talking about themselves. I have just spent 3 hours with some great people who are working with us in planning to get to the next level in our business. …Read More

Networking…forward to basics

Networking is simply building relationships .It is the first step in possibly doing business sometime later. To be a confident networker you don’t need to be an extrovert you need to have good self-esteem and feel good about yourself. Walk into that room believing you’re as good as everyone else there. Maybe not a wealthy, not as experienced or even as beautiful but you are there to give. The first …Read More

The salesman…did he get the order?

I met a man today who had some software I was interested in. When we met I immediately told him I was a ‘hurry up ‘ man. I asked to cut to the chase and tell me how he thought the software could be useful to me. This nice man was basically a technician not a salesman. To his credit he brought a presentation and in spite of my opening …Read More

You MUST always gain something from your networking time.

I attended the monthly event run by Helen Bennett of Business Network North West. Even in August this fantastic event attracted about 100 people The fundamental reason we go to business related events is to SPOT THE AHAA MOMENT. What would someone need to say for you to think? “Ahaa, there’s an opportunity here to……” 1. Help others with their business challenges 2. Introduce Jack to Jill for their mutual …Read More

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