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From the Academic world to the workplace – Confidence – Part 1

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These tips will make your emergence into the world of work more comfortable and make you more confident in tackling issues that will inevitably arise.  For example, dealing with customer complaints or attending meetings with senior colleagues and important clients, will initially, take you out of your comfort zone.

“You never know what you can do until you try.”

  1. Be brave and act more confidently in strange situations.  It is not easy at first but if you keep going you will eventually find it comes naturally.
  2. Review each day and ask yourself what you have learnt or achieved and record this in your diary.  On days when you feel down you can look back over these accomplishments and take comfort.  No day should go by without you recording something – even new sayings or a computer related tip.
  3. Forget the words “I can’t do that”.  Take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new.  If you do this on a regular basis you will develop new skills and progress in your role.
  4. When your confidence is low remember your earlier achievements.  Remind yourself of those past challenges and visualise how you overcame them and this will help to get you back on track.
  5. Assess your knowledge.  Make a list of all the skills you have when you start your job and update it regularly.  You will be amazed at all the new accomplishments you pick up without even realising it.
  6. Update your CV on a regular basis.  Your confidence will get a real boost and when you come to look for a new job your CV will be totally up to date.  Highlight your strengths and key skills.
  7. Set out to meet people outside your immediate department.  This will not only build your confidence but you will get to know more about the business as a whole which will only be helpful to you.  This raises your visability, the key to your career success.  FRONT PAGE OF BOOK IN.
  8. Keep busy and work hard even when you are under pressure.  The completion of a job well done will neutralise those negative feelings of stress and worry.
  9. Be positive.  If you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.
  10. Volunteer and get involved.  Aim to attend social events and other non-business activities to show you are an all-rounder.

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