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From the Academic world to the workplace – Behaviour Part 2

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These tips will make your emergence into the world of work more comfortable and make you more confident in tackling issues that will inevitably arise.  For example, dealing with customer complaints or attending meetings with senior colleagues and important clients, will initially, take you out of your comfort zone.

  1. Show honest appreciation to your colleagues.  It gives them a warm feeling towards you and encourages them to do the best for you and other team members.
  2. Anticipate colleagues’ needs.  Understanding how everyone operates within the firm will open up opportunities for you to show your initiative.
  3. Look for the good in all your colleagues.  You won’t like them all but having a positive attitude will make your working life easier.
  4. See yourself as a business centre supplying services to your colleagues (internal customers).  Serve them well and it will enhance your reputation as a great team member.
  5. Call attention to other peoples’ mistakes – but only indirectly.  Never tell them they are wrong, instead talk about what went wrong and how things could be different next time.
  6. Collect business cards and file them.  Even if you cannot use someone’s services now you never know if you will need them in six month’s time.  Record useful information on the back.
  7. Accept change willingly.  This is the only certainty in today’s world.  Be positive though as every change will bring an opportunity.
  8. Contribute more than you cost.  Don’t assume that as you do your job well and do good work you are secure.  Keep asking yourself how you can add value to the business.
  9. Try not to bring your personal problems to work.  Serious situations are obviously different but don’t build a reputation as a “moaner”.

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