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Just be nice to people

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I recently got a phone call from an event management company on behalf of a large law firm. The lady in question had never heard of me, and when I asked her why she had phoned, she told me she had been recommended. When I asked her who recommended me she told me it was a very well known fellow professional speaker. This person and I had never met to the best of my knowledge…and memory.

Not only have I not met this person, but I don’t ever remember him listening to me speak. Whether I get the job or not is irrelevant but what I did decide to do was phone this gentleman and thank him. When I asked him what prompted him to recommend me, bearing in mind, a) we had never met, and b) he had never heard me, he said he knew of my reputation, but that two years ago at a conference I had sat next to his business manager. At that moment I thought ‘so what?’ but he then went on to tell me that I had been really nice to this guy and given him lots of tips and techniques about networking and that he had never forgotten me!

What does one learn from this…just be nice to everyone.

Who was this gentleman recommending me? No other than the famous Robin Seiger! Here is his website and his details if ever you need to book him as a world class top speaker.

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