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This is a reward for the work we do

It is an email just recieved from a senior bank manager showing how to work a room in a professional manner does produce results…AND BIG ONES AT THAT! “From the presentation In Carlisle, the day after I was chairman for a financial day for the Scottish Enterprise board in Galashiels in the Borders, which was perfect opportunity to try out the tips from the presentation. I picked up the point …Read More

Kintish hosted a table last night at

the Pro Manchester annual dinner.It was a splendid affair with about 550 packed into theMidland Hotel.Ann Davies, my business development director and I hosted a table and we were delighted to have 8 guests. I hope they had a good time. We worked hard to ensure they knew all the arrangements well in advance, the day before we again reminded them of everything and on the night did our best …Read More

Do you remember when your first child was born?

Our first child was born 30 years ago and we all went to celebrate at a great hotel near Stratford-uopn-Avon. It was called Salford Hall and we couldn’t recommend it highly enough. We (that’s me and my wife Trudie and our granddaughter Aimee of 16 weeks old) spend a magical two days with birthday girl Joanne, husband John, our son Antony and girlfiend Susannah.

This is why we work

Linton Falls near Grassington I went hiking today in the Yorkshire Dales with the Park Lane Hiking Club. 6 of us went from Long Ashes across to Hebden into Grasssington through Grass Woods then back to the car. It was a magical day and I had a great ‘AHAA MOMENT’ Charles said something which made me think, “Ahaa that’s a good idea.” Just because we relax doesn’t mean to say …Read More

When in Rome do what the

….Kintish’s do. Have a wonderful time. I was presenting there on the Monday so thought I’d get some gold stars if I took Trudie my wife for the weekend.We had a wonderful time in spite of being there before. We relaxed in the big park in the grounds of the Villa Borghese in the northern quarter of the City, sunbathed on the beach at Ostia, Rome’s seaside resort and eat …Read More

First impressions…don’t always count.

I arrived all hot and bothered today at a client’s premises. The taxi had arrived late, the sun was hot even before 9 am and when I saw the room I was to do the training…well, I just wanted to turn around and go home. We were to work in what I can best describe as a ‘posh cellar’! The sun was streaming in, no aircon…what a disastrous start! But …Read More

Meet Gihan Perera

Meet my friend Gihan PereraEvery week I get his newsletter on web-based marketing in particular and practical, low cost marketing in general. It is outstanding. I recommend you subscribe, free of course, through www.firststep.com.au HE IS A REAL GIVER OF FREE AN VALUABLE INFORMATION.e.g. Why not download his “7 Fatal Mistakes most businesses make with their websites” report? Here is part of this week’s message from his newsletter Don’t focus …Read More

Getting focused

Getting focusedI mentioned a day or so ago about “What I REALLY REALLY” want. I want you and other people around the world to have the opportunity to learn to network more effectively. As I only have so much time to present maybe you will be interested in learning by purchasing either my book, audio book or various CD’s and DVD’s.Today I was working in the studio with my friend …Read More

What do you want, what do you REALLY REALLY want?

…ah those Spice Girls from ‘the last century’!But seriously though. What is it you really want? I listened to a an Achievers Edge CD ( see April 30 2006 for the link) and Michael Howard, Chairman of Maris Interiors was asked how he had gone from very humble surroundings to the position he was in now. “Now” by the way is the owner of a company turning over £50m.His answer …Read More

When you teach you learn

When you got to business-related events I am always suggesting you do some preparation and planning first. You’d never attend a client or prospect meeting without doing so, would you? So before you go, be professional and Aim to get a guest list and do some researchSet yourself some goalsKnow here it is, parking etc.Know the format for the event and the timingsSort out your personal image And, it was …Read More

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