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The Reward for one’s labours

If you don’t enjoy the pleasure of leisure, what’s the point of putting all that effort in.Now don’t get me wrong. I am an incurable workaholic. But there has to be a few moments to rest and ‘smell the roses’.We spend some of our leisure in the Yorkshire Dales, one of the best well-kept secrets in the UK. Don’t click on the link becuase you’ll like it so much you’ll …Read More

“You must run on super-power batteries, Kintish?”

This question was asked of me at the end of my 12th, yes 12th presentation in 6 days.“How do you do it asked one delegate, I mean let’s be honest, you’re no spring chicken?”It’s simple really. If you love what you do, believe you are making a positive difference to peoples’ lives and earn a good reward you don’t think of the effort you put in. Because what you get …Read More

It shouldn’t happen to a dog!

I write at the start of working day 4 after my holidays. In the last 3 days I have presented in Manchester three times Leicester, Nottingham, Newcastle and Sheffield. It shouldn’t happen to a dog. Early mornings and late nights. I have presented to delegates from the property, accountancy, investment management, legal, and Further Education College, communities. It’s been great fun, we’ve had lots of laughs and I hope lots …Read More

Good networkers can’t help themselves

I have just returned from holiday, rested and raring to go. But even on holiday, good networkers keep doing it…networking that is. I met CG on the plane who’d been on one of our seminars. We chatted and he’s quite happy for me to call him to explore ideas about more work. I met DS, one of my son’s friends who works for a large merchant bank. He too said …Read More

My email in-box has been invaded by

Simon Wharton who runs Virtuaffinity and David Thomas. Dave is the memory man and one of his claims to fame is being a guest on the Ophra Wimfrey show. The sad man can also remember 50 odd packs of cards. I know , I once sat there and watched him. It made watching paint dry so much fun!!Simon is a man who understands web-based marketing. Top man who I recommend …Read More

Network…simply to gain knowledge & Testimonials

I am a member of Pro-Manchester, a fantastic networking club for the professional and financial community of Manchester. Once a month they run an event which is pure magic for people interested in the past. Ken Moth of the Building Design Partnership takes us on a walk around Manchester. His knowledge of it’s history, buildings and hertitage seems limitless and he presents his talk in such a passionate and enthusiatic …Read More

People, generally, are really nice

I was guest speaker today at the Business Development conference of Hitachi Capital At lunch time Paul my friend who drove me down, fell and cut his head badly. I didn’t see it but by the time someone pointed it out there was a delegate who was an experienced first -aider sorting it out. The hotel called the hospital and everything was under control. Mind you Paul ended with 5 …Read More

Get involved. After all Woody Allen said

“80% of success is just turning up” Yesterday I ran a full day’s workshop in Birmingham and arrived back into Manchester tired at the end of a successful day. I then had a choice. Do I go home or go the Professional Speakers meeting? Head said, ‘go home’ , heart said,’ you’re on the committee, you know you always enjoy it as everyone is so welcoming, so go’. Heart won. …Read More

Suppliers are as important as customers

“They ” say clients are the most important group of people in any business. I can agree they are key, without them there is no business. However, if you don’t have great suppliers and these include employees, then your business will not grow or run efficiently.6 months ago I fell out with one of my suppliers. Things were going wrong, I was getting frustrated and I decided to change. Oh, …Read More

What a useless talk!

I attended an event today relating to the property sector. The talk was about the Budget and property taxes. I wasn’t interested, so why did I go? I WENT TO NETWORK! I showed a few nervous people how to break the ice.I did this by introducing one person to another …then moving on where approriate. I met Paul who asked me “Will you are so high profile for a small …Read More

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