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Self -esteem – v – self-confidence

When I ask delegates what are the key personal traits required to be an effective networker SELF-CONFIDENCE is mentioned very quickly.
However I believe when you walk into that room full of strangers SELF-ESTEEM is more important.

What is self-esteem? Here is my version
Self-esteem is feeling good about yourself in spite of your own imperfections.
Genuine self-esteem is you trusting in yourself. You having confidence in your own mind and ability to say this can be done .You believing you deserve happiness, fulfilment and success; you seeing yourself as a decent, worthwhile and likable person.
Because, if those feelings aren’t there, no amount of help from the outside world is ever going to be a substitute.
That is the first step in understanding self-esteem, and what it asks of you. The second step to understanding self-esteem is knowing what the rewards are.
And the rewards are gigantic. It is not just that you feel better, but your life works better, you function better, you rise higher, you do more, you are a better partner, you are a better colleague, you’re a better manager, you are more innovative and you are more creative.
But at the end of the day…true success and true self-esteem comes from within.

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