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Be creative…listen to an expert

I havejust had the pleasure and privilege of working with my friend Kenny Harris of Headsurf.Having spent lots of time in his former life in ad agencies he understands a bit about ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘why don’t we all sit down and have a brainstorm?’

We did 2 presentations to a major Scottish Law firm, me on networking skills and Kenny on ‘Developing your business through creative thinking’

So, what did I learn from him? Lots but here are 4 snippets

1 “Creative thinking is actions designed to stimulate the mind in order to create new thoughts, ideas and ways of working.”

2 Every week do something different and regularly do something you’ve never done before in your life. He suggested we go to work via a different route, read a different paper occasionally or even listen to a different radio station from the one you normally tune into. These ‘changes’ stimulate the brain and help your creative juices.

3 Next time you have a team meeting go somewhere different. Watch out team for our July get-together!

4 When you have an issue look at it from a completely different angle. Ask if, say Tesco had this problem how would they tackle it? Or discuss how a 10 year old may tackle it. All ideas are worth exploring until you come to the right answer.
Thanks Kenny, a great day

PS And finally he said, “Before you define your problem…make a wish.”
Or putting it the Stephen Covey way, “Begin with the end in sight”.

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