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Reflections from a US Conference

I recently returned from a big big Convention in New York.
New york, for me , is the most exciting and busiest place in the world. If you don’t like noise, people, traffic,big buildings and a fast pace of life…don’t go.
The convention itself was okay, good but not in my view great. I had been wanting to go for 8 years so the anticipation was high. Like everything in life if your expectations aren’t met it becomes a little of a disappointment. I found too much sizzle and not enough substance. Funnily enough the books I bought at the exhibition taught me lots of new stuff!
I consider myself a good networker meaning I spend more time asking questions about others, listening carefully and being genuinely interested.i nticed a trnd which showed after I had asked them questions not many seemed interested in me and what I did. When I asked my fellow ‘Brits’ about this they told me the same.
Perhaps the US business community need some help with my netwrking skills?!

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