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Pour P.E.E. into your presentations!

When you make a presentation, whether it is to colleagues, clients, prospects or
professional contacts you are saying “I’ve earned the right to be up here; I’m
an expert.”

When you do it well i.e. in a confident and convincing manner it is the very best way of marketing both yourself and the company you represent. When you give away free and valuable information to your relevant audience it is one of the very best methods to attract new business.

BUT, when you present in a nervous hesitant manner, go on unprepared, read from the screen, put no energy, passion or enthusiasm into your talk you are damaging your
company’s reputation.

It will always be better not to volunteer if you see yourself with the shortcomings in the previous paragraph.

Most people, however deep their knowledge is, shy away from presenting.
Whenever you volunteer to stand up the key to a great presentation is
P assion
E nthusiasm and
E nergy.
if they aren’t present in abundance, think twice before standing up.

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