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The 10 deadly sins of the Naughty Networker

This is part of a comprehensive article “The 10 Deadly Sins of Naughty Networkers”…

9. Not knowing the difference between ‘parking’ and ‘dumping’!

When you realise the conversation is over most of time so does the other person. Rather than just ‘dumping’ them and finding an excuse and leaving them alone offer to take them with you. Look for an open couple or trio and go hunting in pairs. If they don’t want to follow you, fine, but at least you have been polite.

10.Not following up having spotted an opportunity.

The worst sin of all is not following  up having spotted an opportunity. When you do think you have something to add value to your prospect’s business ask permission to contact them, by phone not email, in the next few days to arrange a further get-together. You never do serious relationship-building at an event only after the event.

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