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How much do you drink at business events?

Most people like socialising and partying, but struggle with the third, networking. However, all three types of events are virtually the same. At each, we meet people, some we know and some we don’t. We eat, we drink, we converse, we laugh, we start or continue to build relationships, we talk, we listen, and we have general social interaction. You can have fun, pleasure and excitement at both, so is there a difference? Yes, one important difference being the amount of alcohol you drink. Representing yourself and/or your organisation at a business-related event and getting intoxicated is unlikely to be good for business! And when next morning comes, how are you going to remember what was said by a potential prospect?!

1 thought on “How much do you drink at business events?”

  1. I find that people always know where to find me. “Where’s Simon?” They say. “At the bar” comes the reply.

    Depending on the event, I find pools of people. One of the pools likes to relax, have a drink and talk about anything other than business. Football is often good. That’s a pool I’m comfortable swimming in. It’s helped build many relationships where the trust is good because the barriers have been down.

    It’s not an approach for every event though.

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