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Time is money …and money is time

We all know the first phrase but listening to a CD on time management the phrase “Money is time” was mentioned. The speaker asked the listener to value the loss of opportunities we could experience by just focusing on the money.
Two hours later my son-in-law John asked if I’d walk down with him and my granddaughter Aimee to the shops. My first reaction was ‘Sorry John got a ton of work to do’ then recalled the words I’d just heard. I went to the shops, we had a great 90 minutes and the work, although still there, will get done later. The 90 minutes could never be replaced.
I really dislike the phrase ‘work-life balance’. It suggests work isn’t part of life or that you’re dead when you go to work! Well, that’s my reading of the situation.

I work crazy hours but love every minute of it. Confucius said “Give a person a job they love and they will never have to work a day in their life.” But one …and that includes me – has to have that sense of balance and savour those family moments.

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