Networking Skills

From failure to success

Today was a great day. I presented to a group called Praxis. This is a non-profit making organisation made up of people who liaise between people at universities with ideas and business people who can turn those ideas into money.I spoke at their conference. They must have been important people; it was called the Directors Forum. Did we laugh! My wife says they’re laughing at me not with me. I …Read More

Humour is the key to good business

I laughed today when I saw a white van with the following signsEddie’s Plumbing Services….working in partnership with the taxman.No gimmicks, no offers, no freebies , no bulls**t…just affordable plumbing.If you need a plumber in Leeds, look him up, he must be worth a chat at leastI think this must be himEddie’s Plumbing & Heating Services0113 216 135628 Waincliffe DriveLeeds, LS11 8ET

Robert Middleton is the man for you if…

you want to get a valuable and free newsletter about marketing for professional servicesBelow is part of this week’s letter.Subscribe here…you won’t be disappointed What are the key questions you need to ask in order to be a successful marketer of your services? The answers you so desperately need will only come through asking – such as… Who are my ideal clients? What are my clients’ most pressing problems? How …Read More

I’ve just written my book

I have been planning this for over 3 years now. Not only is it ready for the printers it has also been produced in audio form. It’s called “I hate netwroking” and is about the networking life of Brian, the reluctant networker. Most of the book is dialogue between Brian and his conscience…i.e. me! Here’s an extract The Networking Life of Brian Chapter 1 The Invitation Brian’s office 9.15am. Four …Read More

The father of my granddaughter sent me this

~Gene Perret What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars’ worth of pleasure. ~Welsh Proverb Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. ~Gore Vidal Never have children, only grandchildren. ~OgdenNash When grandparents enter the door, discipline flies out the window. ~Marcy DeMaree Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day, …Read More

More gems from Tom Peters

“Man without smiling face must not open shop.” Chinese proverb “My principles for success are be enthusiastic, have emotional excellence, have good energy” Profit came 15th on his list! “ Big corporations suck!” Four things I’ve learnt in 40 years about success in business1. BIG businesses should be decentralised2. Just do it. Don’t spent too long thinking about it3. Everyone needs to become accountable4. Get up early. In my 25 …Read More

Messages from the great Tom Peters

Apart from Tom communicating some meaasges which are listed below he is a truly nice guy. At the end of his presentation my pal Derek said , “Come on Will, let’s go and meet him.” Now I ‘m not one for being slow coming forward but I did take a deep breath…and followed! He was an absolute gent gracious, polite and showed true gratitue we had taken the trouble to …Read More

Have you met the world famous Tom Peters, the management guru? I have, yesterday

I attended the B2B conference in London yesterday and had 90 minutes of pure enjoyment. Tom Peters was the keynote speaker. One often attends events to listen to a famous celebrity often to be disappointed by their message and/or their delivery. On this occasion my expectations were far exceeded. He has been speaking for over 25 years and I believe his passion and enthusiasm for communicating vital messages hasn’t dimmed …Read More

Self -esteem – v – self-confidence

When I ask delegates what are the key personal traits required to be an effective networker SELF-CONFIDENCE is mentioned very quickly. However I believe when you walk into that room full of strangers SELF-ESTEEM is more important. What is self-esteem? Here is my version Self-esteem is feeling good about yourself in spite of your own imperfections. Genuine self-esteem is you trusting in yourself. You having confidence in your own mind …Read More

Always learning…when you teach

Every time I present on networking skills I learn more…from my delegates. I worked with a lovely group of people from the law firm Penningtons today. One delegate suggested, “When you know you are going to make a follow up call on a certain day call the day before to speak to the P.A> or secretary to check when your prospect might be available. Another sparky lawyer suggested that if …Read More

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