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Pain -v- pleasure. Are you unfit and / or overweight?

Pleasure and pain are usually thought of as contrasting pairs. They are opposites of each other because one is considered to be good and the other bad. They are a pair because they represent two extremes on the same scale. According to SPINOZA’S DEFINITIONS OF THE EMOTIONS (Ethics Part III) pleasure is defined as “a passive state wherein the mind passes to a greater perfection,” and pain is “a passive state wherein the mind passes to a lesser perfection.”

I swam 40 lengths today. How boring was that 40 minutes? Very. But I’m home now where my mind has passed to a greater perfection.For me the pleasure of keeping fit is greater than the pain of being bored for 40 minutes.
If you believe you are unfit or overwieght and hate the pain of this try exercise. YOU WILL GET FITTER AND YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. You don’t even need to spend any money. Just go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes daily and watch the results.
The PLEASURE of how you will feel will far outweigh PAIN (not real pain) of having to exercise for just 30 minutes. Try it.

In very simplisitic terms,every decision we make, to do or not do something, is based on
‘Do I want less pain or more pleasure?”

How much you you want to be a more effective networker?

Ask yourself these questions?
Why do you want to be a better networker?
What is the difference you want to see?
Why is it important?
What is cost of not being good networker? PAIN?
What could the value be if current to desired state? MORE PLEASURE
How would you know? PLEASURE?

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