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When you look after your staff….

they look after you. Since being in charge of my business i find this rule works. well most of the time;people do take advantage of your good nature sometimes.But, hey, so what.At least you’ll feel you’ve done the right thing and can sleep well

The piece of paper entitled “Contracts of Employment” basically only need to be adhered to by one of the parties…the employee. They can walk out any time they fancy. The employer can’t just say, “I’ve had enough of you…push off!” Such is life.

Here is a picture of a great day out me and my team had in the very hot Lake District

1 thought on “When you look after your staff….”

  1. I quite agree.

    I find that is not the case in the organisation I work for, but that is down to their management inexperience and poor role models they have.

    I try, where I can, to guide them.

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