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More gems from Tom Peters

“Man without smiling face must not open shop.” Chinese proverb

“My principles for success are be enthusiastic, have emotional excellence, have good energy” Profit came 15th on his list!

“ Big corporations suck!” Four things I’ve learnt in 40 years about success in business
1. BIG businesses should be decentralised
2. Just do it. Don’t spent too long thinking about it
3. Everyone needs to become accountable
4. Get up early. In my 25 years the only company which invited me in to speak before 7am was GE


“Every one smiles. The more you smile, the more you get promoted.” Boss man Schult visits 25 shops every week. (He has 11,000 of them). He visits because he says we are only successful because all we do is sell 1 cup of coffee after 1 cup of coffee and everyone has to provide a good experience. I’m checking the experience.

Message to people owning or want to own their own business
1. Create an incredible experience with each customer
2. Find a niche
3. Be dramatically different
4. Don’t attack big companies face on. Steal their niche market!
5. Compete on value and experience not price

“When I do business with people I know when it’s cool…and when it’s not.”
“What do they think about when doing business with you?”

He recommended a book by Bo Burlingham, “Small Giants: Companies that choose to be great instead of big.

Excellence…what I’ve learnt about small businesses
Be passionate about your product or service
Have an obsession about your product or service
Be in love with etc…

And finally he sort of talked to himself by saying
“I’m the highest paid speaker never to have done anything in his life. I don’t motivate people, ( no-one can), sometimes I just catch someone who is ready to move. They motivate themselves”

He does do lots simply by communicating in a very powerful and passionate manner

Click here to see the slides he used. Some will make sense …some not…


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