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From the Academic world to the workplace – Actions – Part 2

These tips will make your emergence into the world of work more comfortable and make you more confident in tackling issues that will inevitably arise.  For example, dealing with customer complaints or attending meetings with senior colleagues and important clients, will initially, take you out of your comfort zone.

  1. Be aware of all the products and services the company offers.  If your customers are happy with the product or service you currently provide, introducing them others will be so much easier.
  2. Plan in advance.  Do not leave things until the last minute it only causes stress and strain.
  3. Prepare properly for all eventualities.  Carry the appropriate tools for the job whether this is a laptop or a screwdriver – colleagues and customers expect it.
  4. Solve problems – don’t worry them to death!  When necessary, ask for help.  No one expects you to have all the answers.
  5. Exercise outside work.  Hard work and long hours are not bad for you but you have to keep your body as fit as your mind.  Find a sport that you enjoy and try to exercise two or three times a week.
  6. Have a social life.  Don’t let your job take over your life as this will only make you feel stressed and unhappy.
  7. Smile as much as possible, even when you are on the phone.  Customers will “see” the smile and respond positively.  It will also help make you feel better.
  8. Budget your newfound “wealth” carefully.  Getting into debt, having to borrow money and not being able to socialise only leads to worry and frustration.
  9. Learn, learn, learn! Just because you have left college or university doesn’t mean you have come to the end of your education.  Lifelong learning is the only way to remain competitive in the fast changing world of work.
  10. Attend seminars and courses.  If it will help you within your role at work the company may well pay your fees for you.  Many companies also run in-house training which you should attend regularly.
  11. Enjoy your job!  If you don’t, find another one.  You will spend more of your waking hours at work than at home so if you are not happy then do something about it.

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