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Hooligan Habits!

The 10 unsavoury behaviours of the networking hooligan This is the rude, disrespectful ignorant networker. He generally attends events and generally upsets lots of people. What does he do to create this unhappy situation? Women generally are much nicer and tend to behave in a more courteous friendly way. Here are 10 disgusting behaviours: He doesn’t understand the rules of space, stands too close and for those with claustrophobia is …Read More

Cross Selling & LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn to double your business through cross-selling! Cross-selling –the problem People in multidisciplinary firms and companies, generally the larger ones, tend to work in deep, dark silos with little or no contact between them. In accountancy companies, law firms, property consultancies and major financial institutions there are many service lines departments and experts. When people don’t communicate, the wasted knowledge and the lost opportunities slows down the growth of …Read More

Take your networking seriously!

When you treat your attendance at business events as seriously as you would everyday business meetings, I believe you will have lots more fun and gain far more opportunities as a result. Surely you would never meet a client or a professional contact or in fact attend any serious business gathering without  some planning and preparation?   No. So why just roll up at a gathering, conference or any business encounter …Read More

I haven’t got time for LinkedIn…

All I can say is ‘The more effort you put in, generally, the more rewards you get’. And that I believe applies so much to LinkedIn. When people say they haven’t got time I have to say perhaps it isn’t to do with time but to do with priorities. The question is what do you want from LinkedIn? Daily LinkedIn To Do’s Review your home page for people checking your …Read More

How NOT to host a seminar…

10 crimes committed by my hosts: How NOT to host a seminar! I recently attended a breakfast meeting organised by a professional services firm and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not, one might think, for the best of reasons. So many things were wrong I just felt I had to share it with others to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. Here is a list of what I thought WENT WRONG. …Read More

Do you have any passion?

“What Passion, Pride and Belief do you show when attending business events?” My vast research and experience assures me a large percentage of people who go networking go with the wrong attitude. This observation by a US lady called Annie Gottlier says it all, “It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to “. When we attend we often extend our working day resulting in …Read More

Cocktails with Elephants

Unless you are someone quite unusual, you will have some fears or concerns walking into a room at either a social or business event particularly if you don’t know anyone. It’s natural; after all what did our mothers tell us about talking to strangers! How do you eat an elephant? Many people know the answer to this and if you don’t here’s the obvious, silly, answer. One bite at a …Read More

Brave Questions….

These are taken from a book shown below. I have edited down to the questions I think could be relevant. This is just my opinion and maybe if you buy the book (from Amazon) you will find other questions more relevant to your personality, culture and style of communication. “Business questions” What job do you hold? What jobs have you had in the past? What things cause you the greatest …Read More

Become a top class ‘straggler’…

Why you should become a top class ‘straggler’ What is a straggler? One definition is someone who moves slowly or more slowly than others or strays or falls behind. Similar words could be a loiterer, a dawdler or even a dallier. Straggling at business events I am convinced time and time again that the best time to spot potential business opportunities is at the end of an event. Using breakfast …Read More

Be generous…

…when you attend your networking event! “Do these people like me?” When we attend gatherings, social or business, we are building new or reinforcing existing relationships. It’s called networking and it is an activity we do daily. The 3 key steps to building a new relationship are: Know Like Trust For continuing relationships where 2 and 3 reduce or disappear so does the relationship. When you want to grow your …Read More

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