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“I like it when they say NO” Part 3 – Personal Stories

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So we’ve looked at ‘How to Manage Rejectionand the difference ofPest -v-Persistent

Now for a story of my own…

No in business doesn’t mean no, it generally means ‘not yet’. Early on in my presenting and training career I had a serious disappointment. The prospect had shown great interest in lots of training such I called Mrs. Kintish to suggest she could book the holiday she’d always wanted. Then out of the blue came a message he’d changed his mind. “Cancel the booking Mrs K” I hesitantly called.

I decide, 6 months later, to try again; we then did business for the next 5 years. Why did it stop after 5 years? It was a bank client and when credit crunch came…..

When I did get the business I asked him why he’d suddenly changed his mind 6 months previously and his simply answer was ‘things change’. For those who want more clients and more business learn those 2 words. I believe the only time it is ‘no never’ is when they don’t like you; then give up; you’re wasting your time.

I did business with client A and the boss lady moved to company B. I emailed her to say “If I called you to talk about some training at your new company would it be a good idea?” I got an immediate response saying politely “No, it wouldn’t” and she gave me a good reason why not. I saw her 2 weeks later at a conference and thanked her for her ‘no’. It saves so much time for everyone. When I am following up I very often say ‘Am I wasting my time keeping following up? Please tell me because I don’t want to appear as a pest. When I get silence I believe they still want me on their radar!

The big issue I have realised is we don’t like hearing no but most people, including me, don’t like saying no either. I push people to say it. It is good for saving time and effort in your business!

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