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“If you don’t follow up why show up?”

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A lot of you know I preach “If you don’t follow up why show up?” having met someone and spotted a business opportunity. Or they have asked for a proposal and don’t get back to you.



But I guess, like me, you don’t generally enjoy making that follow up call. I have just come up with a new idea which seems to work and takes the ‘sting’ out of the fear of rejection. I send this email or LinkedIn message.


As you are still on my “prospect list” (!) I plan to call today or tomorrow to see if we can build on our initial relationship. In a short chat we can discuss if and how we might do some business to our mutual benefit. If you don’t like that idea, do let me know… and I won’t call.  (I sometimes add this …You’ll be pleased to know if I don’t hear from you I won’t chase further!!).


It is working well for me; why not try it?

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