Networking Skills

Please…just listen

When it comes to selling, listening is your most important skill. I come to a sales conversation with this attitude: “I have nothingto sell this person, I need to first learn if I can help him or not.”And I’m only going to find that out by listening, not talking. It’samazing what you DON’T need to explain about your services ifyou take the time to really listen. When you find yourself …Read More

The customer is king? YES but only after you look after your team first….

When your team care about the company they work and feel good coming to work they will automatically look after the customer. How do we get them to care?What is it that inspires you to do your best work? Have you considered what things might be fueling the work of your employees/coworkers? Although unique to each worker, professional drive has a basic core to which everyone can relate. Discover your …Read More

“I’m not insulting you, but what you have given me is a BAG OF CONFIDENCE TRICKS”

That’s what a senior lawyer said at the end of one of my networking skills training this week.My first reaction was, ‘Perhaps my delegate is insulting me’. Before getting too upset I stopped to reflect.I went to Wikiperdia to get a definition firstly.Wikipedia defines a confidence trick asA confidence trick is an attempt to swindle a person or persons which involves gaining his or her confidence.”Cofidence is one of the …Read More

“Don’t you get fed up doing that every day?”

…said one of my delegates recently at the end of the presentation.Last year I presented on networking skills just under 200 times and most of what I said was similar each time. But, as I try my best to interact with my audience (who are different every time) then the event turns out differently each time.I loved every one of those events whether or not they were free events or …Read More

Hey don’t tell anyone.Do you want to share in my share of £30,000,000?

Do you think this is a scam or should I go for it? Dear Partner, I wish to request for your partnership and assistance in transaction of £30,000,000.00 GBP that would be of immense benefit to both of us. I am the Auditor General and Chairman, Audit Committee of Bank of Scotland, London.My purpose of contacting you is to seek your acting as the beneficiary of the will, and lay …Read More

20 Tips on what to ask for in a testimonial:

It doesn’t matter how brilliant you tell your prospects you are. What is far more important is what your clients and customers say.Testimonials can be very comforting for potential new clients. here are some ideas to consider. 1. Three problems your client faced before you came along.2. How delighted and happy your client is with your services.3. How easy and fulfilling it is to work with you.4. Would they recommend …Read More

Passion, enthusiasm,energy

Why is there so little of the above around?We interviewed this week and the 2 people we chose had lots of all 3when we met them. We ran a group interview and each person made a presentation. The 2 who came through to ‘formal’ interview stage showed they really wanted the position.When you are asked “What do you do?” how much of the 3 do you show? if you’re not …Read More

Word of Mouth Marketing Plan

I have never seen this as a section, subject or even draft discussion document in any marketing plan. Yet when you think about it, it should be an integral part of any marketing, selling and promotion campaign for all businesses serious about expanding. Marketing plans will include:• Hosting events• Producing designs• Creating literature e.g. brochures, business cards, newsletters etc.• PR campaigns• Free giveaways• Corporate entertaining• Advertising. Now, add to this …Read More

Strategy for survival is visibility

Just a few years ago, when somebody wanted to find out about you, they would go to your Web site. But now they don’t have the time to do that. Oh, sure, if it’s important they’ll take the time to visit your site. And if they’re serious about doing business with you, they’ll eventually get there. But it’s no longer their first port of call. And that’s important! Because it …Read More

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