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“NO” is such a little yet emotional word

NO is the verbal negative often as a result of rejection.”NO” we don’t want your products or services; “no” I don’t want to go out with you; “no” Ican’t make it to your event.
Hearing ‘no’ is no fun but often we don’t like saying ‘no’ to others simply because when we are the receiver we know how we feel. So what happens when we have to say no to someone else? We often avoid it by ignoring the other person and hope the person wanting something will just give up and fade away.
One of life’s major challenges is uncertainty which causes even more upset so when we hope’they’ll go away’ we really are upsetting business relationships.
Tell people ‘no but as things change it could be worth asking again in say 6 months’.
From my experience 2 in a 100 ever call again.
As a good networker I am one of those 2!!

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