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The “3 P’s” to gain …or lose more business

Let’s start negative
The first set of “P’s”
Push back

When it comes to business development and chasing new clients or more business from exisiting clients it’s so easy to be waylaid by other things. Things could well be tough this year and when we feel like that it’s easy to go into negative mode. ‘They won’t have a budget”Maybe I’ll leave it another month’ ‘I read their industry insi struggling , no point in contacting them’
Familiar? So what do we do? Sit on our hands and wait
Look at the other 3P’s?

Present clients
Past clients
If you’re any good and add value businesses are laways going to want your services. You just have to increase your business development activities. Maybe reduce your prices abit, be a bit more flexible on your terms, offer more for the same price.
if it going to be tough you have to work that bit harder. More networking; more follow up calls; more trawling through past clients to see how they’re getting on.
We’ve all had it easy over the last few years and now it is harder.
Shrug…let’s incease our marketing and business development activities

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