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Portraits at an exhibition

We exhibitied last week at an exhibition. It cost a lot of money. Not only the xhibition costs but 2 days in London for 3 people. We had to get a return on our investment otherwise it would have been like tearing up £50 notes.It is my business and not wasting such a vast sum of money comes easy.
We worked ‘our butts off’! We worked the room, Will Kintish, me, presented 3 times and , we chatted to as many people as possible, collected lots of contacts AND THEIR CARDS. Next week we will be following up all the leads.

BUT what did we see about us? People who are employees where it’s not their money

• On the phone
• Closed twos
• On the computer
• No eye contact
• No approaching
• As far back as possible on the stand
• Backs to the corridor
• Sitting down
• Playing with own exhibits
On the phone
eating big plates of sandwiches, ignoring the world go by
• Hiding behind stands
• Sitting reading a magazine. There should never be chairs in such a booth. If people want to sit they can go to the coffee zone for 10 minutes each hour.
• Keeping their backs stuck to the rear wall of the cubicle in case they had to talk to someone

If only “the powers that be” could have seen them, they would have been….well who knows? Maybe the management is so bad , they didn’t care either!!

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