How to break the ice…

Step-by-step guide on how to move forward.     You see that lady over there? It says Betty on her name badge.   She is waiting for you to talk to her. Here is what you should do:   Walk over slowly, remember she is nervous and knows no-one – that’s why she is alone. Stop about one metre away and smile…don’t forget the smile. Ask if you can join …Read More

They keep ignoring you but…

…it’s all about their priorities when it comes to the follow up.   I hate cold calling so never do it. But when I get an inquiry to do training or presenting I of course send a proposal ASAP. And then it goes quiet. So what should be done? I often send this after a call and an email +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear I am just checking my emails to you arrived …Read More

Do you want to destroy your networking fears?

Here’s a quick way to destroy your networking fears and start to enjoy attending business events…in just half a day!    In today’s highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more career and business opportunities than the average.   99% of people dread this vital activity; my highly humorous presentation …Read More

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