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Preparation and Planning before attending events – Part 5

Attending a business event? How about a little preparation and planning…

Whenever you have a meeting with clients or prospects, there’s a fair chance that you’re going to do some preparation and planning. In fact there is every chance that you will, otherwise you will attend feeling nervous, unprepared and unprofessional – the list is endless!

From my experience, most people attend business events without doing any preparation and planning and then wonder why they are somewhere between nervous all the way through to petrified !.

Consider asking yourself these headline questions before you arrive

Who?  What?  Where? When? Which?  Why? How?

Lets’ focus on Which…

Side do I wear my badge?
Outfit do I wear?
Literature, if relevant, do I take?
Person / groups do I approach when I walk in?
Is the best mode of transport?
Are the best questions to ask?

Words by Will…

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