Business Networking

You are and do what you think Chapter 3

When you walk into that room to network, i.e. build new or on existing relationships please think the following • “Yes I am a little nervous, but I guess so are most other people.”• “I’m going to be friendly, courteous and polite; that way people will like me quickly.”• “I’m going to smile, give good eye contact, shake hands and aim to remember people’s names. This will help me create …Read More

Think business networking, think business sales and development

‘I work in an office, I don’t need to network’ ‘I’m only an internal person,I don’t need to network’ ‘I work on reception,I don’t network.’The truth is we have all been networking since we started talking. It’s simply building new or building on exisiting relationships.Using the three sentences above when people in different departments start to get to know and like each other, trust eventually is formed.They start to share …Read More

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