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Don’t be afraid to tell….then sell

If you don’t simply sell products you must be selling a service or service with a product. Everyone has knowledge to give away to show they know what they’re talking about and that is great marketing. Today I ‘nipped down’ from Manchester to Milton Keynes to do a no-fee 1.5 hour presentaion to a group of business development team of people who run and manage conference centres. Why did I …Read More

Baby Chicks in the Nest!

Baby Chicks in the nest! Are you busy? I hear lots of people say,” What do you think, we’re in recession? No, fees and sales are well down and the phone’s not ringing like it used to.” I hear this so much and depending who I’m talking to I sometimes suggest they ought to be busier than ever…marketing. You should either be earning the fee or making the sale or …Read More

“I feel as if I’m on Big Brother.”

That was a comment made on one of our networking skills seminars when a delegate was asked how he felt when he went networking. I was a little suprised as he was a fellow speaker and I thought a very self-confident person. My only response was to suggest he behaves like the nice man he is and to act purely naturally. We shouldn’t see the attendance at business events as …Read More

How important is academic excellence in the scheme of things?

I had my worst day presenting this week. I was asked to ‘motivate’ 200 6th- formers.The school is acknowledged as a top school when it comes to education. But their manners and behaviour….wow. That wouldn’t make them top or any where near it. The head teacher spent most of the time “sshhushing” but to be fair it was mainly the boys. Did they learn anything? A few did I suppose. …Read More

Manage your clients’ expectations

If there is one key phrase in customer service I believe it’s that. I would like to think I am a loyal customer to my suppliers and when I have to change I feel uncomfortable and really don’t like it. In fact, for me, the emotion of losing a client or changing a supplier is very similar.There is failure in the air. I had been working with someone where the …Read More

3 Networking tips. Business cards, badges and boring

Business Cards Cotrary to graphic designers views having a great business card won’t bring you new work.However, badly designed ones can create an immediate “is this person really serious about their business” impression! The most important aspect of busines cards is not yours but ASKING FOR THE OTHER PERSON’S IF YOU ARE GOING TO FOLLOW UP. Badges Wear your badge on your right lapel. The person you greet will see …Read More

“New Mums should return to work in 3 weeks!”

These are not my words…I read an article in a Sunday paper supplement.  It read “business is about profit – sustainable growth and innovation”.  I co-run the Working Mothers in Business Group and from my experience of running this Group and being a working mum myself, most women do not want to be stay at home mums they want to make a real difference to their work and personal life…it’s all about …Read More

Working The Room – 45 Golden Rules…Rules 24 To 34

24. Repeat the name after the introductions and try to picture something associated with their name to help you remember it. 25. Introduce yourself slowly and clearly ensuring that the person has every chance of hearing your name.  They will often be embarrassed to ask if they did not hear it the first time and it is vital that they know who you are. 26. Listen to who they are …Read More

An attitude problem

The longer I live the more I realise the impact of attitude on life.  Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances.  It’s more important than failures and successes than what other people think or say or do.  It’s more important than knowledge, appearance or skill. It will make or break a company, an institution, a home. …Read More

9 Top Tips For Women Networkers

Be Professional Preparation before an event is vital, make a checklist of items you will need business cards, map, list of other attendees if possible, the right clothes to suit the event and the right ATTITUDE!! Look Professional Make sure you business cards are easily accessible, not at the bottom of your bag!!! If you can, have a jacket with pockets, to easily put your business cards into. Two pockets will be …Read More

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