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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Networker – The Ugly

In every walk of life there are all types of people and when it comes to networkers it’s no different. Let me reflect on the 3 main sorts.

Previously we’ve looked at The Good and The Bad, now we’re looking at The Ugly…

The traits of the ‘ugly’

  • For me the really ugly is the RIP, the rude ignorant person. The one who starts to look over your shoulder or you can somehow tell they want to move on from the vibes they’re giving out. If you realise a conversation is over move on in a courteous and polite manner
  • The ugly side of networking comes when people don’t realise the difference between networking ( i.e. relationship building ) and selling. The only thing we sell is ourselves and using that hackneyed phrase ‘people buy people before the product or service’ must be explained to these people.
  • The 3 key steps to building relationships are know, like and trust. When you want to gain trust early in a relationship you must be totally reliable. People who
  • promise to call, send you something or broker an introduction and don’t fulfil their obligation are in this category of networkers.

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