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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Networker – The Good

In every walk of life there are all types of people and when it comes to networkers it’s no different. Let me reflect on the 3 main sorts.

What do ‘good’ networkers do?

  • They show great enthusiasm for who they are, without bragging. But they also enthuse about their job and the work they do for clients. When asked what they do they will tell you how they advise, help develop rather than just giving their job titles.
  • Good networkers are kind generous and share. They always think ‘how can I help you?’ ‘What’s your big challenge?’ And most of all they give their genuine attention when talking to others. Dale Carnegie said “The most interesting people we ever meet are those most interested in us”
  • Persistence is what good networkers do when they spot potential opportunities. But they don’t follow up and pester; they follow up to add value to see if the prospect’s needs will match their expertise. They ask permission to keep in touch and  if things go quiet they ask for guidance about keeping in touch.


The Bad & The Ugly coming soon….


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