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“Have you got any children?”

In our networking skills training we suggest the best way to build relationships is to show interest in others by asking questions.The best way to do this is through small talk. Hobbies, holidays, general interest, business of course, current events and familyBUT BUT BUTNever directly ask anyone“Are you married?” or“Have you got any children?”Only last week I ran a seminar and a delegate wrote to me today to say On …Read More

“If you’re human you make mistakes”

Our company made its biggest mistake in its 7 year history…we didn’t turn up at a client to run their training workshop.I called the client who, when she found out we weren’t turning said “Are you aware , we have 29 lawyers waiting for you?”What do you do? What do you say?I could have come up with lots of lies, damn lies and half-lies but you know what? I told …Read More

When did you last scare yourself?

I see myself as a pretty confident person…….but even I can get out of my comfort zone sometime. Because my mouth sometimes goes into gear before the brain I volunteered to help a charity and make some calls to ask friends and strangers for money. I have felt awful for days and nearly called the Charity to say ‘Sorry , too busy.’ But I didn’t. I spend my life helping …Read More

“The very best form of networking is NETWALKING”

networking is building relationships and you won’t build better relationships than by going on a day’s ( well half a day this time of year!) ramble meeting nice people.JANUARY 16TH…COME AND MEET NICE PEOPLE, DO SOME EXERCISE AND MAYBE GROW YOUR BUSINESSDetails here Your leader for the day is John Thompson… Directions Pick up from Chorley railway station by arrangement if you would like to avoid the traffic jams? Change …Read More

I’m off on my Christmas holiday on Thursday but

….will that stop me working? I doubt it. As a member of the Life-long association of Self-confessed Workaholics I look for opportunities everywhere.Simple…just ask questions, be genuineley interested and you may spot an opportunity to help people if they have an issue.The issues I am looking for are people who say “We want more business or new clients.”When they say that I can help

How much “enthousiasmos” do you have when

you meet people and explain what you do? Do you have a feeling of excitement, show some exuberance and a lively interest in others.exuberance: overflowing with eager enjoyment or a lively interest?Enthousiasmos is the original word for enthusiasm which originally meant inspiration or possession by a divine afflatus or by the presence of a God.When we act enthusiastically we become enthusiastic and it becomes contagious.I love what I do, showing …Read More

“Go to the funeral …and get business!”

At our networking club today Graham turned to me and said “Will Kintish, you’re right, there’s business everywhere. I went to a funeral and noticed metal letters (initials of the deceased) were screwed into the side of the coffin.I asked the undertaker – after the funeral(!)-where he had got them from and the reply was that he had had real problems finding them. I explained my company does that and …Read More

The actions of rude ignorant hosts.

Why do people behave differently in a business setting from their social setting? i find it very strange.I was invited to an business event recently by ( careful Will don’t give too many clues) a professional services firm. Their boss man walked up to me gave me a perfunctory ‘Hello Will’ half shook my hand didn’t eye contact me …then immediatley moved off. His business partner did smile and in …Read More

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