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“Go to the funeral …and get business!”

At our networking club today Graham turned to me and said “Will Kintish, you’re right, there’s business everywhere. I went to a funeral and noticed metal letters (initials of the deceased) were screwed into the side of the coffin.I asked the undertaker – after the funeral(!)-where he had got them from and the reply was that he had had real problems finding them. I explained my company does that and we agreed to meet later next week.”
Was that inapproriate? Wrong time, wrong place?
No, I don’t think so great networkers do it anywhere. Graham spotted a potential opportunity and took it. he simply asked a question and when the reply came that this man had a problem ther was Graham to help. Not sell, not be pushy, no pestering, just offering some help.
When you look to offer your area of expertise to add value to others, rather than try to sell services or products with the focus on only yourself …you won’t succeed.
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