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When did you last scare yourself?

I see myself as a pretty confident person…….but even I can get out of my comfort zone sometime. Because my mouth sometimes goes into gear before the brain I volunteered to help a charity and make some calls to ask friends and strangers for money.
I have felt awful for days and nearly called the Charity to say ‘Sorry , too busy.’ But I didn’t.
I spend my life helping people overcome their fears of working the room and making follow up calls
I literally had to self-coach myself for the 36 hours before making the first call.
I manged to deal with…
“What’s the worst that can happen?”
“This is good for you, you need to do something scary every so often”
” You are not asking money for yourself; it’s for the under-priviledged childen to help them improve their lives”
” They’re not rejecting you, don’t take it personally.”
” Most people will be polite, even if they don’t want to give.”
“Just think how good you are going to feel after doing it.”

So last night I made the calls and yes, today, I do feel good. No-one was rude, I helped raise some money and I will make more calls soon.

The only place to grow and create opportunities for yourself is outside the comfort zone.

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