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How much “enthousiasmos” do you have when

you meet people and explain what you do? Do you have a feeling of excitement, show some exuberance and a lively interest in others.exuberance: overflowing with eager enjoyment or a lively interest?
Enthousiasmos is the original word for enthusiasm which originally meant inspiration or possession by a divine afflatus or by the presence of a God.
When we act enthusiastically we become enthusiastic and it becomes contagious.
I love what I do, showing people how to become more confident and effective networkers. i make people laugh when I tell them every day is my birthday and that I never work.
Back to the past. Confusious says, “Give someone a job they and they’ll never have to wortk a day in their life” rings true for me.
What about you?
We can show you how to answer that question, “What do you do?” in an enthusatic and clear manner. Why not enrol on one of our nationwide (UK) seminars. If you are a reader of this blog entry do ask for a massive 30% discount off the posted price

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