January 2011

Your Presentation’s opening 7 seconds

These are critical to capture your audience’s attention. My good friend Alan Stevens of the Media Coach recently wrote this. It was so perfect I thought I would share it with my readership OPENING UP The first line of your speech is crucially important. It may be the only line that every member of your audience hears, so it needs to be good. The more engaging it is, the more …Read More

What makes a confident and effective networker?

Effective and confident networkers: Are awake, alive and alert, and know there are opportunities everywhere. See all new contacts as potential business opportunities. Have a giving and abundance mentality. Make the first move when meeting new people. Have an interesting and exciting opening statement. Understand the power of remembering names. Are good listeners – letting the other person do most of the talking. Know that small talk is the most …Read More

6 Top Tips For Effective And Confident Networkers

Understand that there is business everywhere when they arrive awake and alert. When you are friendly and talk to people you just never know what the outcome can be from the conversation.  Listen carefully to everyone. Make the first move.  At any event be it social or business look for people on their own and go up to them and introduce yourself.  You will never be rejected, could make a friend …Read More

If you hate selling – read this!

Most people I meet hate selling. They hate: discussing business asking to make the follow up call making the follow up call making the second + follow up calls calling existing clients…just for a chat asking satisfied clients for referrals I can’t do it; I hate rejection; I don’t want to seem too pushy; if they need me they’ll call; I can’t face failure. The list of negatives goes on. Dare …Read More

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