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If you hate selling – read this!

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Most people I meet hate selling. They hate:

  • discussing business
  • asking to make the follow up call
  • making the follow up call
  • making the second + follow up calls
  • calling existing clients…just for a chat
  • asking satisfied clients for referrals

I can’t do it; I hate rejection; I don’t want to seem too pushy; if they need me they’ll call; I can’t face failure. The list of negatives goes on.

Dare I suggest you are happy to continue growing your client base by relying on introductions and referrals? One’s you don’t generate of course, but which come in to you whilst you stay in your comfort zone?


“What can I sell to these people?” and


“How can my expertise and service help my existing clients and new prospects BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL AND MAKE MORE PROFIT?” then you will start to become more pro-active in your business development.


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