Networking Tips

Be generous…

…when you attend your networking event! “Do these people like me?” When we attend gatherings, social or business, we are building new or reinforcing existing relationships. It’s called networking and it is an activity we do daily. The 3 key steps to building a new relationship are: Know Like Trust For continuing relationships where 2 and 3 reduce or disappear so does the relationship. When you want to grow your …Read More

Baby chicks in the nest!

Are you busy? I hear lots of people say,” What do you think, we’re in recession? No, fees and sales are well down and the phone’s not ringing like it used to.” I hear this so much and depending who I’m talking to I sometimes suggest they ought to be busier than ever…marketing. You should either be earning the fee or making the sale or taking action to find more …Read More

The 7 Worst LinkedIn Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1. The Wrong Photo Your photo gives people a few clues to you and your personality so it’s vital that you get it right. On a professional site like LinkedIn it is important to present a professional front, so please no family shots. Save those for Facebook. A recent head and shoulders shot, perhaps at work, helps people connect with you. I’ve seen some profile photos that have gimmicky effects …Read More

3 Ways to start a conversation…

Here are three simple ways that you can learn how to start a conversation and keep it going. 1. Be confident in yourself. Consider that the other person has an interest in what it is you have to say. Sometimes people have trouble with conversation because of a lack of confidence in themselves. The irony is that even if you are only pretending to be confident other people will assume …Read More

How to be a Confident and Effective Networker – 25th June 2013

Kintish are delighted to announce that we are hosting our ‘How to be a Confident and Effective Networker’ course in conjunction with the great networking organisation The Talk of Manchester. 25th June 2013 at 1.30pm – 5pm… And I’d love you to join us. “After teaching 100,000 people how to become a confident and effective networker I now consider myself the world’s leading authority on… ‘why some people still don’t …Read More

The Unsavoury Behaviours of the Networking Cowboy

The first thing to know about when one is attending a business event is that networking is about building relationships.  Unavoidably, this takes time, and one cannot be impatient. The first principle of building business relationships is about giving and having an abundance mentality. The true test of a good networker is not about “What is in it for me”. The modern way of communication is WII-FY meaning “What’s In …Read More

“I know it’s a girly thing but….”

As part of our seminars, we run an exercise asking delegates what they should be considering before attending business events. After all, no professional or business person would ever dream of attending a client or prospect meeting without doing some preparation and planning. One of the items which is always mentioned is ‘decide what you’re going to wear’. When the answer comes from a woman it is invariable preceded by, …Read More

Don’t network, don’t succeed! Fears and concerns…continued

Fear of Rejection Most people won’t make that first move for fear of rejection. Fear is an acronym; it stands for False Expectations Appearing Real. We walk into that room full of negatives. ‘No-one will talk to me’ ‘I am not going to be interesting’ ‘What if I’m judged and found wanting?’ Most people are friendly and polite so leave those words behind when you arrive. All I say is …Read More

Don’t network, don’t succeed! Fears and concerns…continued

Fear of the Unknown Walking into a room where you have been before and knowing no-one is scary. I hate walking into a room full of strangers so I always avoid it. How? Simply by planning my day carefully and arriving early. I have presented for a decade asking tens of thousands how they feel and I can confidently say 98+% of people have similar fears Every room you have …Read More

Don’t network, don’t succeed! Fears and concerns

Apart from the negative press networking has created, we all have 3 basic primeval fears when it comes to walking into a room full of strangers. 1. Fear of failure 2. Fear of the unknown 3. Fear of rejection. Let me share with you some tips and ideas to help you overcome those fears which should then give you more confidence to attend more events Fear of failure You won’t …Read More

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