Networking Skills

Ladies Toilets!

I recommend to women who struggle with networking when they go to an event alone to always start the event in the ladies toilet. Even if your hair makeup and lipstick is perfect. Why? Because there will be every chance you start chatting and you can enter the event with a new ‘friend’. As a rule men don’t talk in toilets!!

Networking clubs

“Here at Kintish we love to promote any networking clubs or events around the northwest and nationwide. Click the link below to view some of the clubs we recommend. Remember practice makes perfect when it comes to networking and if you don’t go you’ll never know. Alternatively if you have a networking club you’d like us to promote please email me the details by clicking here.”

If I hadn’t…

Sent out an e-shot a stray one wouldn’t have landed on Gorg’s inbox in Malta. “Why not come out and present here?” he said. “I don’t know anyone there” “I know everyone” said Gorg. We did a public course and 100+ delegates came. Since then I have been to my favourite sunny isle on 6 occasions working each time. Sometimes you just need a bit of luck

Networking and PR – a combination that sparks

Manchester PR Rob Baker of Artisan. PR in its own right is a powerful tool to raise and enhance the reputation of businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage. Its versatility and reach are often not appreciated even by those that have some knowledge and admiration for what it can deliver. It is more than a media relations tool for hard copy media (such as newspapers and trade press) although …Read More

If I hadn’t…

Attended a charity breakfast I wouldn’t have bumped into Kevin Feddy business editor of the MEN. I asked if one day he might do a feature on me. He passed me to his editor who deals with that. If you don’t go you’ll never know

When you’re asked to speak for free (let’s call it a showcase) here are some guidelines:

1 DON’T SELL YOUR SERVICES ON STAGE 2 Give away some of your BEST material. My mantra is ‘the more you tell the more you sell ‘ in the longer run 3 Keep it light-hearted and tell stories or give examples of how others have benefited from you advice 4 Finish on time or early …less is more. Even if a previous speaker overruns you finish on time. 5 Get …Read More

Kintish goes Global Networking

I have recently worked in Eastern Europe, Malta and very soon in the Middle East. This means I have presented to many nationalities with lots of different cultures and business customs. And you know what? Most of my audiences have the same issues when it comes to fears and concerns about networking. Walking into that room at a business event is not easy. I include myself when I say most of …Read More

Body Language

The next time you go to an event look a little more carefully. I speak generally. Men stand in open formats; women when they are talking to other women nearly always and men often,  will be facing them. This means they give their full attention to the person they’re talking to unlike men who spend lots of time looking around for the next opportunities. For women what they are doing …Read More

If I hadn’t…

…approached the other speaker Jeremy Cassell he wouldn’t have me given his book. Brilliant Selling. Having read it there was lots of useful advice which I shared with Shona my business development manager. As a result she will create more business for the company. If you don’t go you’ll never know.

Networking scenario … has this happened to you?

“I can’t help you here; sorry” When asked a question about networking I am pleased to admit it is rare when I don’t know the answer. But recently I was posed this scenario. A young lady representing a powerful networking club decided to attend an event to listen to a topic she was particularly interested in. Understanding that it is never all about the presentation she got there early to …Read More

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