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How to be a Confident and Effective Networker – 25th June 2013

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Kintish are delighted to announce that we are hosting our ‘How to be a Confident and Effective Networker’ course in conjunction with the great networking organisation The Talk of Manchester. 25th June 2013 at 1.30pm – 5pm… And I’d love you to join us.

“After teaching 100,000 people how to become a confident and effective networker I now consider myself the world’s leading authority on… ‘why some people still don’t get the results they should do … even after​ they’ve had ​(dare I say!) ​the best networking training available anywhere.’”


Look, l know how it is.

You attend a training event (mine or someone else’s) and on the day you become completely committed to using what you’ve learnt … so that you can get the results that you would so obviously get … if you ONLY used what you’d learnt.

And then the next day, its back to the real world where annoying things like ‘work’ get in the way of you being able to immediately practice your new found skills.

So, by the time you do get the chance to use what you learned, you’ve forgotten most of it or you just find yourself going back to doing what you’ve always done, out of habit.

We’ve ALL been there.

Which is why I created my NEW 21 Day Implementation Coaching Programme.

Soon, I plan to start charging £105 for it but today if you book onto the ‘How to be a Confident and Effective Networker’ on 25th June 2014, you can get it for FREE!!!… Click here to find out how.

Look forward to hopefully seeing you on 25th June.

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