Body Language

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Networker – The Good

In every walk of life there are all types of people and when it comes to networkers it’s no different. Let me reflect on the 3 main sorts. What do ‘good’ networkers do? They show great enthusiasm for who they are, without bragging. But they also enthuse about their job and the work they do for clients. When asked what they do they will tell you how they advise, help …Read More

How to break the ice…

Step-by-step guide on how to move forward.     You see that lady over there? It says Betty on her name badge.   She is waiting for you to talk to her. Here is what you should do:   Walk over slowly, remember she is nervous and knows no-one – that’s why she is alone. Stop about one metre away and smile…don’t forget the smile. Ask if you can join …Read More

They keep ignoring you but…

…it’s all about their priorities when it comes to the follow up.   I hate cold calling so never do it. But when I get an inquiry to do training or presenting I of course send a proposal ASAP. And then it goes quiet. So what should be done? I often send this after a call and an email +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear I am just checking my emails to you arrived …Read More

Do you want to destroy your networking fears?

Here’s a quick way to destroy your networking fears and start to enjoy attending business events…in just half a day!    In today’s highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more career and business opportunities than the average.   99% of people dread this vital activity; my highly humorous presentation …Read More

Chapter 3 – How to prepare for the event (part 2)

More tips on how to prepare for the event… What’s the format and dress code? – always find out if it’s a breakfast meeting, a drinks reception or….? This way you won’t be caught off guard if you’re expecting to mill around a function room in your work suit, but they’re actually doing a general knowledge quiz in casual clothes! Check the timings – Know the start and finishing time. …Read More

Chapter 3 – How to prepare for the event (part 1)

Don’t worry about the event – one easy way to feel more in control is to do your preparation and planning properly. Would you ever consider having a meeting with a client or prospect without doing some preparation or planning? Of course not. Through proper preparation and planning before a networking event, you’ll help to alleviate any fears you might have. Also bear in mind that at this event you’ll …Read More

Business Networking – The Survival Guide: The Invitation

If you’ve been invited to an event through work and not wanted to go, you’re not alone. Many of us have felt uncomfortable going to networking events, but don’t worry it’s entirely natural. Here are some of the common reasons why people don’t like to attend networking events: Why don’t you want to go? • I don’t like it – I feel uncomfortable. • I probably won’t know anyone there …Read More

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