September 2011

Networking for a job

You just never know!  That’s one great reason to network.  The more people you meet, the more people you know and who know you.  Everything may be great at the moment but who knows what’s around the corner. Make sure as many people as possible know you’re in the market. Do your utmost to communicate exactly what you are good at, what you like to do and what sort of …Read More

What should today’s ambitious professional be doing

In the ‘good old days’ people just waited for referrals and recommendations. Life was so different. Clients treated their professional with reverence and respect and hardly ever changed from one to another. And it’s not going back to quill and ink days, just around 25 years ago. Let’s fast forward to today. You are undoubtedly an expert and authority in your chosen topic and as a consequence feel safe, secure …Read More

Do you have any passion?

My vast research and experience assures me a large percentage of people who go networking go with the wrong attitude. This observation by a US lady called Annie Gottlier says it all, “It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to “. Do you have passion for the work you do? Do you think your job creates useful outcomes and adds value to your clients’ business …Read More

Don’t Think Sell, Think Help

There are many people who consider selling and marketing as essentially dishonest and manipulative. If that’s how you think, the chances are you will resist change. This resistance is expressed in sentiments such as: I just don’t do selling and marketing – that’s someone else’s job. I feel uncomfortable talking about myself and blowing my own trumpet. I sound phoney when I talk about the benefits I offer. I’m just …Read More

Networking with the Gate Keeper

You have a great meeting with a prospect and then you call. In the call you are asked to send a brochure. You don’t hear anything. You call and get through to the gatekeeper. “He is out until tomorrow, may I take a message?” You hesitate, decline and say you will call back. There is a voicemail system and you leave a message and there is no response. You do …Read More

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