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What should today’s ambitious professional be doing

In the ‘good old days’ people just waited for referrals and recommendations. Life was so different. Clients treated their professional with reverence and respect and hardly ever changed from one to another. And it’s not going back to quill and ink days, just around 25 years ago. Let’s fast forward to today.

You are undoubtedly an expert and authority in your chosen topic and as a consequence feel safe, secure and comfortable in providing technical advice. You are in control and feel protected by your knowledge. But when it comes to leaving the office and going out to attract more business, do you feel equally au fait and safe?

The most important change is to think in terms of ‘helping’ as opposed to ‘selling.’ If you have knowledge in an area, useful to your client or prospective client, tell yourself ‘I can add value to this person’s business or personal circumstances.’

1 thought on “What should today’s ambitious professional be doing”

  1. I think the concept of helping someone versus merely selling them a service is very important. Rather than focusing on a short term transaction, more organisations (and their employees) should be thinking about how to develop and manage a long term relationship with their client. “Helping” and showing a client you care and have a genuine interest in their business, will ultimately have a positive impact on your success.

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