March 2011

The 5 Key Reasons Why You Should Make That Follow-Up Call…

You have met Priscilla, the prospect at a networking event and you have agreed you are going to call her the following Wednesday afternoon.  The following Wednesday afternoon comes, you look on your to do list and, dare I suggest it, you are not quite as enthusiastic about the call as you were at the networking event three or four days previously? Consider the 5 key reasons why you should …Read More

Breaking the Ice and moving on

Going to an event, entering that room of dark suited circles of strangers unnerves you.  This is a statement.  I know because thousands of delegates and audience members tell me so.  In fact, I promise you over 98% are somewhere between uncomfortable, down the continuum through to downright petrified.  If you feel like this you will find…you are normal.  I am abnormal because I love it.  Here’s ideas to help …Read More

Working The Room – 45 Golden Rules…Rules 35 To 45

35. Have personal business cards if you are seeking a new job or career. Don’t use old cards. 36. Wear your badge on your right. As you shake hands, the other person’s eyes will naturally follow down the line of the arms and automatically see your name. 37. Keep moving! You are there for work and to connect with as many contacts and prospects as possible, within reason. 38. Excuse …Read More

Working The Room – 45 Golden Rules…Rules 24 To 34

24. Repeat the name after the introductions and try to picture something associated with their name to help you remember it. 25. Introduce yourself slowly and clearly ensuring that the person has every chance of hearing your name.  They will often be embarrassed to ask if they did not hear it the first time and it is vital that they know who you are. 26. Listen to who they are …Read More

Working The Room – 45 Golden Rules…rules 13 to 23

13. Remember constantly “givers gain”.  The more you give the more you will get back in return.  Create an “abundance” reputation rather than a “scarcity” reputation. 14. Be first to offer your hand and shake hands firmly.  A limp handshake tells you a lot about the person. 15. Contact with the eyes is the most powerful form of body language.  Not looking someone in the eye on that first meeting …Read More

Working the Room – 45 Golden Rules

When you work the room, there are 45 golden rules you must abide by: 1. Look at the people and visualise growing business 2. Get there early if you are a guest as you will feel more comfortable when there are less people and this gives you a chance for time with your host. 3. Take a deep breath if you feel a little nervous. Remember you are usually there …Read More

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