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I Hate Networking! – Audio 3xCD


This is a triple audio CD set of the best selling book “I hate networking!” written by Will Kintish.

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What these CD’s are all about

This is a triple Audio CD set of the best selling book “I hate networking!” written by Will Kintish.

I write from vast experience. I have asked literally thousands of people about their view on networking. They know they have to do it but actually would rather do something – no anything – else! When we do things half-heartedly we tend not to do them well.

This Audio CD set follows the progress of Brian the professional, the reluctant networker, from the moment he is about to throw an important business-related invitation in the bin. All of a sudden someone turns up in his life.

His mentor begins by explaining exactly what networking is and what it isn’t.

He then guides him through how to:

  • prepare for the event
  • walk in anywhere feeling comfortable
  • distinguish who will be welcoming and who won’t
  • move on courteously when the conversation ends
  • move into and out of groups
  • create a great impression
  • handle rejection
  • be interesting and pleasant
  • feel comfortable with small talk
  • ask key and relevant questions
  • spot potential business opportunities
  • set up the follow up process in a professional manner
  • be ready for the follow up call
  • know exactly what to say
  • cope with various replies
  • be persistent but not pushy
  • achieve a meeting to move the relationship forward

This is a highly entertaining dialogue between Brian, the reluctant and unenthusiastic professional, and a stranger. Who is this stranger? Listen to this valuable audio book if you too need to be a more enthusiastic networker.

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