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You MUST always gain something from your networking time.

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I attended the monthly event run by Helen Bennett of Business Network North West. Even in August this fantastic event attracted about 100 people
The fundamental reason we go to business related events is to
What would someone need to say for you to think?
“Ahaa, there’s an opportunity here to……”
1. Help others with their business challenges
2. Introduce Jack to Jill for their mutual benefit
3. Raise my own and the company’s profile
4. Meet key people and decision makers
5. Start the building of a business relationship
6. Spot potential new business by listening carefully
7. See if an existing client needs other services
8. Correct matters when an existing client isn’t 100% happy with our service
9. Gain useful information about……
10. Increase my knowledge of……
11. Find out what the competition is doing
12. And finally. Just relax and have fun.

Today I had ‘ahaa moments.
2 I was able to introduce Fiona to Gareth
3 By just being there
4 I met 2 of these
5 I sat at lunch with 4 people I hadn’t met before
7 I had a good chat with Gavin and he thinks we may do more business in the winter.
9 I had a great conversation with Graham about some ways I can make my business easier to run
12 And I just had fun.

And all in 94 minutes. Networking clubs do work when you understand the reason you’re there.

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