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Why are people so rude?

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We all uderstand how to behave in a social environment. Everyone is courteous, polite and friendly, well almost everyone.
But in business situations these same people don’t always act i the same way. Why that is I do not know.
Many people find attending business events somewhat of a challenge; a key reason is because they anticipate meetig people who they think will be unpleasant, downright rude sometimes and the worst fear of all,turning their backs.
REJECTION…that is all our worst fears when we attend events knowing we will not know too many people.
Here are some thoughts
1 Aim to move away from these rude people as soon as you can and don’t let them spoil your event.We attend these events to build or reinforce relationships. Do you really want to build a relationship with people like these?
2 When you feel a touch nervous act as a host even if you’re a guest. Hosts always feel more in control. They introduce one to another, include as many people as possible in a conversation, hand someone a plate in the food queue, offer to get someone a drink.
3 Remember , everyone at business events is there to network. There is a common platform.

2 thoughts on “Why are people so rude?”

  1. You’re right, Jeremy. If these selfish people thought a little more about their behaviour they would probably work out in a nanao-second, it can’t do them much good in the business arena!

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