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Whenver I book a hotel they ask if I have any special requirements….

…and I always say in the online comment box “I would like a warm smile on arrival!”
How many times to I get it? Probably 4 out of 10.
Why oh why do these hotel chains spend millions on the buildings.

The beautiful reception area with its mirrors , marble and chandeliers which we don’t really notice. We do all notice that very first inter-action though…so so important when we arrive after a long journey.
I write this just after a similar incident. Don’t get me wrong everything since that first few seconds has been spot on.
I arrived. The receptionist was on the phone to my right. Her call finished she moved across the desk to another person booking in and straight passed me as if I wasn’t there.
All it wanted was some eye contact and a smile or a quick “won’t keep you a moment” or any sort of acknowledgement that I existed and was about to help pay her wages!

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