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When you’re asked to speak for free (let’s call it a showcase) here are some guidelines:


2 Give away some of your BEST material. My mantra is ‘the more you tell the more you sell ‘ in the longer run

3 Keep it light-hearted and tell stories or give examples of how others have benefited from you advice

4 Finish on time or early …less is more. Even if a previous speaker overruns you finish on time.

5 Get feedback sheets so you have their contact details and you can see what they thought. If you were good….nice…if they thought you were crap you need to know that to get better the next time

6 Maybe offer a raffle prize ( 2 free hours of your time for example) that way it gives you a good excuse to get their business cards

7 Write to them all after, reminding them of your top tips and if they need more your contact details are  xxxx

8 Remember they are there to get free advice . You are there to build relationships so make sure you are all set up before the first guest arrives. That means you network before the talk and then after. Do not be ‘unavailable’ at all other than when you’re on stage

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