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When in Rome do what the

….Kintish’s do. Have a wonderful time. I was presenting there on the Monday so thought I’d get some gold stars if I took Trudie my wife for the weekend.
We had a wonderful time in spite of being there before. We relaxed in the big park in the grounds of the Villa Borghese in the northern quarter of the City, sunbathed on the beach at Ostia, Rome’s seaside resort and eat at an outstanding restaurant called Enoteca Capranica . Outstanding food, old fashioned traditional top class service and , if you’re a wine buff, a cellar to die for. The wine list had 38 pages ( yes 38) with approximately 20 wines to a page.. Some costing over £800! But what an experience. Don’t miss it when you visit. And don’t be put off by the sign on the door which says ‘To enter , please ring bell’. Probably because they have £1,000, 000 of wine stored in the place!

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